• Drapery Cleaning

  • Drapes make rooms in your house look finished, decorated, and beautiful. But over time, they can become dusty, dirty, stained, torn, and discolored. Depending on the type of drapes you have, oils and dirt particles may not be visible to the naked eye. However, outdoor factors and household contaminants can cause fabric to deteriorate over the years and even cause health problems for your friends and family members.

    Fortunately, Sanda Dry Cleaning takes standard cleaning services one step further and specializes in drapery cleanings, as well as your favorite garments and accessories.

    When to Clean Your Drapes

    You may not notice that your drapes need cleaning because you’re so used to them being in your home. However, many home interior experts recommend cleaning your drapes every two or three years.

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s typically not good enough to simply clean your drapes when they appear dirty. In fact, drapes may not visibly show soiling or staining for five to six years depending on the material and color. But they can still begin deteriorating and trapping allergens in the folds of the fabric.

    These are a few of the factors to consider for drapery cleaning:

    • The presence of smokers in the house
    • Direct and indirect sunlight
    • Use of chemical sprays and cleaners
    • The age of your drapes
    • The presence of kids and pets in the home
    • Pollen in your area
    • Air pollution in your area

    Importance of Drapery Cleaning

    Not only is cleaning your drapes important from an aesthetic perspective, but also for health reasons. Drapes can trap in air pollution, chemical household cleaning product fumes, mold, insects, dust mites, and pet dander. These things can lead to allergic reactions and asthmatic conditions for family members and friends who spend time in your home.

    Professional Drapery Service in Franklin

    Most homeowners’ cleaning equipment and products aren’t equipped to handle the complex processes required for drapery cleaning. Let us take the guesswork out of cleaning your drapes while you focus on the interior design of your home.

    Our drapery experts carefully inspect every item by hand to determine the optimal cleaning method. These are some of the many types of drapery materials that we can assist you with:

    • Cotton
    • Linen
    • Wool
    • Polyester
    • Nylon
    • Embroidery
    • Delicate embellished fabrics

    Our Drapery Cleaning Process

    Very few drapery materials can be laundered at home, so professional cleaning is definitely the way to go for all your curtain needs. For example, heavy woven fabrics tend to snag with at-home cleaning, and embellished designs are too fragile for normal laundering.

    At Sanda Dry Cleaning, we have the training, equipment, solutions, and experience to get your drapes looking as beautiful as the day you picked them out at the store. Our high-quality process is effective, yet gentle, so that your drapes aren’t damaged, discolored or shrunk during the cleaning process.

    Save Money and Time on Renovations

    Many homeowners preemptively replace their drapes because they appear beyond cleaning and repair. However, our cleaning methods can dramatically extend the life of your draperies.

    When compared to the cost and time commitment for shopping and new installation, drapery cleaning is a cost-effective and environmentally-responsible option. We’ll return your drapes to you clean, repaired, and ready to hang…simple as that!