• Dry Cleaning in Franklin, TN

  • You take pride in your appearance, and that’s why you should only trust your garments to dry cleaning professionals with experience and a strong attention to detail. We are Franklin, Tennessee’s premier dry cleaning company and here to serve you and your family.

    Our #1 priority is to help you look your best, with quality service, affordable prices, and friendly customer service every time you stop by. These are some of the expert dry cleaning services that we specialize in and would love to assist you with as a new or returning customer.

  • Men's Dry Cleaning

  • From suit jackets to trousers and executive shirts, men’s business and casual wear requires professional dry cleaning expertise. Our special dry cleaning process will deliver the soft or crisp finish that you desire. If you’re missing a button, don’t worry, we can replace it. And it’s your choice if you want to pick up your shirts folded or on hangers. Efficient, professional, and reliable service is our specialty to make dry cleaning a hassle-free part of your normal routine.

  • Women's Dry Cleaning

  • We understand how important a woman’s wardrobe is to her in terms of fashion, professionalism, and making a good impression. Our dry cleaning experts specialize in all of those difficult-to-care-for fabrics you love, like velvet, suede, and silk. We’ll keep your colors looking vibrant and the quality of your fabrics looking their best. Whether you need to clean casual, professional, or formalwear items, we’ll inspect your garment and make minor repairs as needed.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Dry Cleaning

  • Our customers care about protecting the environment and we do too. Our environmentally-friendly dry cleaning process will remove the stains and odors from your clothes with gentle detergents that don’t harm the planet. You can feel good about doing business with us and enjoy clean, fresh garments every time.

  • A Focus on Customer Service

  • We believe that dropping off and picking up your dry cleaning should be a pleasure, not a chore. At Sanda, we are committed to providing friendly, efficient, and reliable customer service from the moment you walk in the door.

    If you aren’t satisfied with your dry cleaning experience, then we haven’t done our jobs. At Sanda, we don’t take short cuts or rush through the job. Instead, we clean, tailor, and repair our customers’ clothes as if they belonged to us and our family members. 

  • Always Look Your Best

  • Let’s face it, rips and spills happen and are a normal part of life. Garment inspection, expert stain removal, and superior cleaning are what we do best. We are highly experienced in gentle and effective dry cleaning techniques for a wide variety of fabrics, textures, and colors. So sit back and relax while we do the dirty work and deliver a beautiful garment back to you with a smile.

    And at Sanda, we provide much more than just dry cleaning services to our customers. Check out our other service pages to learn how we can help you care for your favorite fabrics, boots, uniforms, draperies, and more.