• Fire and Smoke Restoration

  • No one likes to think about natural and household disasters that can affect your family and home, but the safest bet is to always be prepared. Not only can fire and smoke ruin your home, but also your clothes, accessories, draperies, and furniture.

    Fortunately, Sanda Dry Cleaning is equipped to handle your fire and smoke restoration needs…right here in Franklin, Tennessee.

    Common Smoke and Fire Issues

    There are many different things in the home that become damaged when exposed to smoke and fire. Professional care and treatment is needed to restore these items to their original condition. These are some of the items that are often affected by smoke and fire in the home:

    • Clothes
    • Shoes
    • Handbags
    • Belts
    • Formal gowns
    • Saris, kimonos, and other special garments
    • Leather and suede
    • Stuffed animals and dolls
    • Draperies, blinds, and shades
    • Bedding and pillows

    Our smoke and fire experts know what it takes to restore a wide variety of damaged items in an efficient and gentle way. These are some of the issues that we can help you with in our thorough fire and smoke restoration and cleaning process:

    • Damage assessment
    • Restorability evaluation
    • Smoky odor
    • Soot removal
    • Smoke residue
    • Stains
    • Rips and tears
    • Secure garment storage

    Specialized Cleaning Processes

    At Sanda, we incorporate highly-specialized cleaning processes into our care for garments that have been affected by fire and smoke. Our process involves eliminating odors from your garments and fabrics, rather than simply adding more odors to cover them up.

    Fabrics that come into contact with fire and smoke are also often susceptible to water and mold damage. We are prepared to handle these issues too if they arise. We use eco-friendly ingredients so that the environment isn’t harmed by the cleaning and restoration of your garments.

    An Honest Assessment

    Although many garments and household items can be restored, there are unfortunately some items beyond repair. Our trained and experienced restoration specialists will give you an honest assessment of the damage and let you know what we can do to help. If we aren’t able to restore your fire and smoke-damaged items, there is no charge.

    It is our goal to restore your favorite things to their pre-loss condition by removing smoke, soot, odors, stains, and other damage that they may have suffered.  Items damaged in a fire are frequently subject to insurance coverage, and we understand your need for professional treatment in a timely manner.

    Compassionate Customer Service

    We understand how difficult it is to go through a home fire and be faced with disaster damage to deal with. Friendly, efficient, and compassionate customer service are built into our business model, and we are here to serve our friends and neighbors every day.

    If you need your items restored and returned back to you quickly, let us know. Or if you need a little extra time to come pick up your items because other crucial home repairs before, talk to us. We’re here for you during your difficult times when adversity strikes. Let us take care of your cleaning and restoration work so you can focus on the other issues at hand.