• Leather & Suede Cleaning

  • Leather and suede can be very difficult to clean and repair, and these are beautiful and costly fabrics that demand professional attention. Leather is typically made from animal skins and hides that are tanned. Suede is the inside of the animal hide and usually softer and smoother than leather. Both materials are treated with dyes and oils to give them the fashionable look that you love.

    At Sanda Dry Cleaning, we know what it takes to care for these fabrics and how to get them looking their very best again. So don’t throw away or donate that stained or ripped jacket until you talk to us!

  • Cleaning & Repairs for All Leather and Suede Needs

    Our highly-trained staff has seen it all and won’t be intimidated by the condition of your beloved garments. These are some of the many leather and suede needs that we’re equipped to handle for you:

    • Wine stains
    • Dirt and mud stains
    • Grass stains
    • Broken zippers
    • Rips and tears

    Our Leather & Suede Process

    After you drop off your leather and suede items, we will carefully inspect them before cleaning and pre-treat affected areas that have stains. We always take the colors of your garments into consideration to keep looking bright, fresh, and natural. We’ll gently clean and dry them, replenishing the oils to restore their natural softness.

    Long-Lasting Fabrics

    Leather and suede are two of the most long-lasting fabrics that you can find…if you take good care of them.

    Suede coats leather jackets can be passed down from one generation to the next with proper care, handling, and cleaning. With leather and suede, you pay for quality, so there’s no need to prematurely replace your favorite items because of damage, wear, and tear.

    Franklin, Tennessee’s Cleaning Experts

    We are committed to our neighbors and friends in Franklin, Tennessee and want to help you look your best each time you leave the house. We love the fashion statements that leather and suede make when you wear them, and know how important it is for these materials to retain their natural appearance. You can trust us to clean and repair your most difficult-to-care-for garments at a fair price and with friendly customer service.

    Leather & Suede Conditioning

    The texture of your leather and suede garment is what makes you love them and wear them all the time. At Sanda Dry Cleaning, we use special conditioners to keep your suede and leather items soft, smooth, and beautiful. The oils that are used in the original production of these fabrics become depleted over time, so we can restore these oils to make them feel soft and supple again.

    Leather & Suede Care Tips

    Between cleanings, there are some things that you can do at home to maintain the appearance of your favorite leather and suede clothing and outerwear.

    • Allow wet leather to dry naturally, without heat
    • Use a soft brush to brush suede often
    • Don’t store leather or suede in plastic bags – let these fabrics breathe
    • Bring your stained garments to Sanda Dry Cleaning instead of attempting to clean them yourself at home