• Tailor & Alterations

  • Tailor/Alterations

    When many people visit their local dry cleaner, they don’t realize all of the other great services that the business provides. At Sanda Dry Cleaning, we offer expert tailor/alterations services to make your garments fit like they’re supposed to so you can look your very best.

    Not everyone was born with a natural gift behind a sewing machine, so don’t risk ruining your favorite garments by playing amateur seamstress. Our tailors provide exceptional work, a quick turn-around time, and a fair price that you’ll appreciate every time you visit us.

    Basic Tailor/Alternations Services We Offer

    At Sanda, our tailors and alterations specialists understand all of ways that clothes can fit you the wrong way. Each fashion designer makes garments to fit bodies differently, so tailoring services are a part of everyday life.

    These are some of the most common alteration needs that our customers bring to us:

    • Replace a zipper
    • Adjust the length of pant legs
    • Adjust the length of jacket sleeves
    • Replace buttons on jeans

    More Extensive Alterations

    However, we are equipped to handle even your most challenging tailoring needs and ready to tackle more complex garment projects too.

    These are a few of the more extensive alternations services that we can provide you with at Sanda:

    • Tapering of pant legs
    • Shortening shirt sleeves
    • Opening up jeans to allow more room
    • Replacing the lining of coats
    • Replacing a torn or ill-fitting shirt collar

    Changing Sizes

    If you’ve changed sizes, either up or down, we can tailor your clothes to make them the perfect size.

    We provide these expert tailoring services for size changes:

    • Adjust waist size of pants and skirts
    • Adjust hems
    • Let in and out seams
    • Taper shirts and pants in
    • Repair torn seams

    Fast and Efficient Service

    We understand that tailoring and alterations needs are often last-minute affairs. If you’re in a hurry to get your garments back, we’ll do our best to expedite your order with fast and efficient service.

    We don’t take short cuts because top-notch customer service is our number one goal. We aim to return your garment to you so that it fits better than ever, so that you can be comfortable and confident each time you wear it

    All Your Alternations Needs in Franklin

    Many people stash clothes that don’t fit well in the back of the closet or throw them out at the end of the season. However, this practice takes its toll on your wallet over time and creates unnecessary clutter.

    Based in Franklin, Tennessee, we can assist you with all your tailor/alterations needs to help you wear the things you love and save money in the long run. And when you receive glowing compliments on your newly-tailored items, perhaps you can send your friends and family our way for their alternations needs too!

    So next time you try on one of these items from your closet and it just doesn’t look or feel right, stop by and we’ll take care of the rest.

    • Dress shirts
    • Dress slacks
    • Formal wear and gowns
    • Outerwear and jackets
    • Blazers and suit coats
    • Jeans
    • Skirts and dresses