• Wedding & Formal Gowns

  • Wedding dresses and formal gowns are more than just fancy garments; they’re cherished treasures to remember special days and pass down from one generation to the next. At Sanda Dry Cleaning, we understand the significance and sentimental value that these delicate fabrics hold and we’re committed to cleaning and preserving them in pristine condition.

    Wedding Dress Cleaning

    Chances are that your wedding dress is the most expensive and most significant garment hanging in your closet. You spent hours searching for a dream dress to wear on your fairytale day, so don’t let stains and odors stand in the way of pure perfection.

    Gown stains require gentle cleansers to remove both noticeable stains and hidden ones caused by reception staples like champagne, cake icing, and sugar. Wet cleaning is often most effective for food stains and dirty hems. However, some fabrics, like silk require dry cleaning methods and the professional service of experts who understand the intricacies of delicate fabrics.

    We will carefully inspect your dress and determine the best cleaning method for your individual situation. Just as every bride is unique so is every dress, which is something we love that about gown cleaning! You can trust your wedding dress cleaning needs to Sanda.

    Wedding Gown Preservation

    But cleaning is just the first step to consider after your special day has been marked in the history books. Many brides dream of preserving their wedding dresses to reminisce over from time to time, or even to pass down to their own daughters someday.

    At Sanda Dry Cleaning, we specialize in wedding gown preservation, which involves special cleaning and packaging techniques to help your special dress retain its natural and original beauty. After cleaning your dress, we will properly pack your dress to guarantee the life of your gown. We will use acid-free paper or muslin to wrap your dress and place it in an acid-free or pH-neutral box to let the fabric breathe and withstand changing temperatures. We recommend that you keep your dress out of direct light so that the fabric won’t turn yellow over time.

    Although you can typically wait until after your honeymoon to worry about cleaning and preservation, it’s important to care for your gown as soon as possible so that you don’t have to invest in a full (and costly) restoration of your beloved garment.

    Formal Dresses for All Occasions

    However, here are many occasions besides getting married that require formal gowns, which can be festive, beautiful, ornate, colorful, and diverse. These are just some of the special occasion dresses that we can professionally clean and preserve for you at Sanda:

    • Bridesmaid dresses
    • Mother-of-the-bride dresses
    • Flower girl dresses
    • First Communion dresses
    • Prom dresses
    • Homecoming dresses
    • Quinceanera dresses
    • Pageant dresses
    • Ethnic and festival dresses

    Dress & Gown Alterations

    We understand how important it is for you to look perfect on your special day. Before your event, we would love to assist you with all your wedding and formal dress alterations to help you feel comfortable and confident.

    Whether your gown is made of silk, rayon, acetate, polyester, beads, or sequins, we are equipped to handle all your wedding & formal gown needs. Don’t trust just anyone with the most important garments you’ll ever wear. We’re your local gown cleaning experts right here in Franklin, Tennessee!